Flick’s Pub Rebranding


Redesign the logo and carryout menu for Flick’s Pub, the restaurant attached to Lorien Health’s Taneytown facility.



The client asked me to redesign the logo for their pub using brighter colors, and to revamp their carryout menu (if you’re wondering what the logo and menu looked like originally, here’s a pdf). Though the original sketches focused more on food images, the client requested something more in line with the general Irish pub look; thus, we ended up going with dark green and gold, and also used a more old-fashioned typeface. For the menu, we wanted to replace the Lorien facility pictures with actual food pictures; we were originally going to use the old design with new pictures, but eventually decided to redo everything all at once for efficiency’s sake.

Full disclosure: there isn’t actually a t-shirt. It just happened to be convenient for showing off the logo.

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