Trolémon Campaign


Create a new product and campaign for Control Bear, using an identity that works with the company’s current brand.



Control Bear is a Japanese company built around the image of a bear removing its own head. The artist intended to encourage viewers to take control of their lives, and the bear has been incorporated into a number of products, including toys, keychains, and t-shirts.

Trolémon is a spin-off line of Control Bear keychains, which are dressed as the original 150 pokémon and are named accordingly (e.g., Trolichu, Trolbusaur, Trolizard). Each bear stands three inches tall and is attached to a carabiner, allowing customers to clip their bears to purses, backpacks, etc. As Trolémon is a subsidiary of Control Bear and is not a standalone product, it has only one webpage rather than a website; most of its navigation links to existing Control Bear pages, and its main purpose is to showcase the Trolémon line. Other deliverables included a Trolémon package design and digital ads, which mimic the classic pokédex seen in the Pokémon cartoon.

The final project was created in Adobe Illustrator, with illustrations also produced in Illustrator.

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