The Bare Necessities


Name: Carolyn of House Siu, First of My Name, Queen of the Layout and the Paragraph Styles, Breaker of Typos and Mother of Mad Characters

Occupation: Senior Graphic Designer

Weapons of Choice: Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop; InVision; Mac + Windows OS; Microsoft Office; WordPress

Favorite Colors: color color color color color

Favorite Words: Ephemeral, palimpsest, transient, nightmare, shadow, dragon, nomad, ghost…how much time do you have?

In a Nutshell: I’m Carolyn (a.k.a. Karo), a novel-writing illustrator/designer. Special skills include writing, drawing, and reciting Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Scientists are currently trying to figure out if I’ve permanently fused with my dragon suit.


Life, the Universe, and Everything

I earned a Master of Arts in Publications Design in 2015 from the University of Baltimore and spent a good six years bouncing between print and digital design while working as a freelance designer. I am currently a full-time senior graphic designer, and have shipped 443 projects as the primary designer (and still counting).

Fun fact: In the confused years between my undergraduate degree and my completely unrelated graduate degree, I meandered through a handful of different jobs and consequently gained useful experience in administrative work, technical editing, web content migration, and badgering people to do their timesheets.

For illustrations and ghosts of illustrations past, present, and future, follow me on Tumblr; if you’re curious about my process, read my blog; for actual work, visit my portfolio. I won’t make you pay the iron price. If you are unsure where to go, incapable of normal speech, or unable to remember why you are here, here are a few suggestions:

Watch out for hop-ons, obscure Harry Potter references, and Sherlock jokes.You're going to get some Sherlock jokes.