Two Hawks


My popo (grandmother) asked me to help her publish and distribute her poetry. After the poems were typed, I had full charge of the project, which included (1) designing the book from the ground up and sending the design files to the printer; (2) picking up the finished books from the printer and mailing them; and (3) creating and emailing receipts.



Designing the book was tricky at first, because it didn’t have a title. While skimming the poems to see if there were any particular phrases I could use, I came across this one:

      Wild cries
             in the early morning mist
      Two hawks
             seeking each other.

A couple of her poems mentioned hawks, and a lot of them were about my grandfather and his relationship with Popo; thus, Two Hawks made sense. Once I had the title, I was able to plan and create the cover of the book. I also titled the chapters, using lines from other poems; created a table of contents; added footnotes to accommodate the extra notes that accompanied the poems; and wrote the copyright and acknowledgements pages. The final project was created in Adobe InDesign, and the cover illustration in Adobe Illustrator.

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