The Bare Necessities

Name: Carolyn

Occupation: Production designer

Weapons of Choice: Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop; InVision; Mac/Windows OS; Microsoft Office; WordPress

Favorite Colors: color color color color color

Favorite Words: Ephemeral, palimpsest, transient, nightmare, shadow, dragon, ghost…how much time do you have?

In a Nutshell: I’m Carolyn. aka Karo. I design stuff and crusade against embarrassing grammar. While this tends to make me unpopular at parties, in unsolicited editing I remain unparalleled. I also draw and complain about the bad books I can’t seem to stop reading. I’d tell you to read my manifesto, but I’m much too lazy to write one. Call me maybe?


Life, the Universe, and Everything

I’m a novel-writing graphic designer and opinionated talking dictionary, which means I can design your website while correcting your grammar. I approached graphic design sideways, having majored in archaeology in undergrad, but haven’t looked back yet.

For illustrations and ghosts of illustrations past, present, and future, follow me on Tumblr; for unhelpful non sequiturs and Game of Thrones jokes, follow me on Pinterest and Twitter; if you just want to know what I’m reading, stalk me on Goodreads; for actual work, visit my portfolio. I won’t make you pay the iron price. If you are unsure where to go, incapable of normal speech, or unable to remember why you are here, here’s a few suggestions:

Watch out for hop-ons, obscure Harry Potter references, and Sherlock jokes. You're going to get some Sherlock jokes.